APS Ketamine: The first psychiatric private practice clinic to offer IV ketamine in the Midwest

Leading the way with IV ketamine in Illinois

APS Ketamine is a leader in mental health treatment using IV ketamine. Unlike many other ketamine clinics that are run by Anesthesiologists, APS Ketamine is run by a board-certified psychiatrist whose expertise is in both mental health care and ketamine therapy. Most ketamine clinics across the country are lacking Psychiatrists, and some of the best clinics across the country are led by Psychiatrists as they are best trained to treat mental health.

A caring doctor in a very comfortable and caring clinic

Dr. Nazeer is the medical director of APS Ketamine. He is board-certified in Psychiatry/Neurology and in Addiction Medicine. He is also the Chief Medical Officer for Symetria Health, a national opiate treatment program. He has administered over 500 Ketamine Infusions which gives him a specialized first-hand experience that most other psychiatrists in Chicago lack.

Many other ketamine clinics feel like mills or are cold and impersonal. Not so at APS Ketamine. Dr. Nazeer provides very inviting accomodations to maximize safety and comfort. Patients can realx into a fully reclining chair, and enjoy a voice-controlled TV and music player. APS also provides free use of iPads connected to Wifi, and fluffy blankets with snacks and drinks. There is even seating for loved ones who wish to accompany the patient. Dr. Nazeer says “From the moment you arrive, you will feel welcomed and cared for.” Dr. Nazeer testifies to the fact that he has never had to stop an infusion due to adverse event or side effect.

Full spectrum psychiatric care

APS Ketamine stands above the crowd by specializing in psychiatric care. Dr. Nazeer is a psychiatrist who combines IV ketamine treatment with appropriate medications to augment and synergize the antidepressant effects of each modality. He also sees the benefit of psychiatric medications as a way to prolong antidepressant effects so that patients do not have to come in as often to receive ketamine, which can save money for patients.

Treating a wide range of mental health conditions

The team at APS Ketamine offers effective ketamine treatment for the following conditions:

– Depression
– Anxiety
– Panic Disorders
– Alcohol Use Disorders

Excellent care in Illinois

APS Ketamine offers two great locations, one in Chicago and the other in Oak Brook. For the patient in search of expert psychiatric care that offers IV ketamine therapy in very experienced hands, you’ve found the right place. APS Ketamine is run by a very experienced Psychiatrist who truly understand ketamine. Give them a call today.

Contact them at:
APS Ketamine
8 South Michigan Avenue Suite #1505,
Chicago, IL 60603

APS Ketamine
1550 Spring Road Suite #308
Oak Brook, IL 60523