A Ketamine Clinic that Rises Above the Others in Maryland: Avesta Ketamine/APMI-Advanced Pain Medicine Institute

A ketamine center focused on what matters

The team at Avesta Ketamine and Wellness/APMI-Advanced Pain Medicine Institute wants the very best for their patients with a priority on safety and comfort. The team is very experienced, and fully committed to an effective and holistic approach by looking after the physical, mental, and emotional matters that each patient faces. This is a tall order, but they are willing to do what it takes to bring about real results.

They offer a comfortable setting for ketamine infusions for patients suffering from:
– mood disorders
– depression
– anxiety
– suicide
– various other conditions

They provide customized ketamine infusions for mood disorders as ketamine has been found to have more rapid effect than any other psychiatric medication available today.

Creating well being for multiple issues

The team at Avesta Ketamine and Wellness/APMI-Advanced Pain Medicine Institute offers excellent personalized treatments for depression and pain. They also offer something called wellness infusions.

They provide Wellness Infusions for:
– fatigue
– jet lag
– hangovers
– flu
– post exercise exhaustion
– enhanced sports performance.

They offer a more broad approach to patient care than just ketamine infusions. With anesthesiologists and pain medicine doctors on their team, they can offer a complete 360 degree treatment plan for every patient to live fulfilling lives.

An accomplished team for ketamine treatment

Avesta Ketamine and Wellness/APMI-Advanced Pain Medicine Institute is led by a team of accomplished physicians: Ladan Eshkevari, PhD, CRNA, L.Ac., FAAN, and Dr. Reza Ghorbani, MD, ABIPP, FIPP. They are warm and caring group who take great pride in providing patients a high standard of care. Dr. Eshkevari has been a professor at Georgetown University for over 20 years. She earned her BS in nursing with Honors from the University of MD, her MS in Nurse Anesthesia from Columbia University, NY and earned her doctorate in Physiology and Biophysics from Georgetown University. She is an expert in the area of anesthesia, pain management, and alternative medicine, and holds a diplomate degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Dr. Ghorbani is a board certified anesthesiologist and pain management specialist, who serves as the medical director of the practice. He is a member, and has held major committee assignments and offices, at the North American Spine Society, the Neuromodulation Academy Faculty, the American Academy of Pain Medicine, the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians, the International Spine Intervention Society, the International Spinal Injection Society, the World Institute of Pain, the National Pain Foundation, among others.

Excellent care in Maryland

Overall, this is a great ketamine clinic in Chevy Chase, Maryland. They place an emphasis on complete and personalized care, and they are careful to look for other issues such as chronic fatigue in a patient and other critical issues. This clinic has anesthesiology and pain management expertise which presents a very capable team. Patients should be in very good hands in this clinic, and we expect them to grow well over the many years to come.

Contact them at:
Avesta Ketamine and Wellness/APMI-Advanced Pain Medicine Institute
5454 Wisconsin Ave
Suite 1600
Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815
(301) 220-1333