Ketamine Treatment in Denver: Klarisana is on the Forefront of Excellent Ketamine Therapy in Colorado

Among the best ketamine clinics in Denver, Colorado

Klarisana continues to expand its top-notch ketamine services in a region with great need, Denver, Colorado. This ketamine clinic marks the newest center for Klarisana, and one of the most esteemed given their mission and level of excellence. Denver is special to Klarisana given that its founder, Dr. Bonnett, completed his emergency medicine training here.

Very personalized care in a convenient location

The Denver clinic continues the highest standard of care that Klarisana has come to espouse. Every patient is treated in a private room and receives one-to-one staff monitoring. Each treatment plan is custom made for the patient to help optimize response against disorders such as depression and PTSD under the care of very experienced hands. The location itself is very convenient. The Denver ketamine clinic is located near Colorado Boulevard and the I-25.

Ketamine for depression, suicidal thoughts, and PTSD

In a world where traditional therapies take weeks to have effect for depression and PTSD, intravenous ketamine is showing more and more promise by the day. Several randomized, placebo-controlled trials of sub-anesthetic dose ketamine infusions have been conducted in individuals with major depressive disorder, including those with treatment-resistant depression. Sub-anesthetic dose ketamine also has similar antidepressant efficacy in treatment-resistant bipolar depression subjects maintained on mood stabilizers, and has not demonstrated increased affective switching to hypo/mania over placebo.

IV ketamine is also one of the only rapid-acting agents for suicidal thoughts. Ketamine has been shown to rapidly reduce suicidal thinking in recent studies. Because few evidence-based treatments for suicidality exist – none of which have rapid onset – ketamine may be a promising rapid-acting antidepressant treatment option in emergency and acute inpatient psychiatry. Klarisana is pioneering the way for high-quality ketamine therapy.

Carrying on a tradition of excellence in Denver

As we have mentioned elsewhere, we respect the mission and approach Klarisana offers. This group truly puts the patient first and believes that each of us was created with a God-given purpose and reason for living. Klarisana further believes that the dissociative experience of ketamine is not a side effect to be eliminated but rather an integral component of the therapy. For patients needing depression and PTSD treatment in an excellent clinic with a higher calling, you must visit Klarisana in Denver, Colorado. We look forward to their ongoing success.

Contact them at:
Klarisana in Denver
1780 S. Bellaire Rd., Suite 605
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