Where Compassion and Vision come together for Excellent Ketamine Therapy: Klarisana in Austin

A ketamine clinic with a soul-centered mission

Klarisana is setting a high bar among ketamine clinics, almost a heavenly bar. For one, their mission goes far beyond simply providing effective treatment. Klarisana is all about elevating lives to enable people to carry out their own missions in life. They operate on the core belief that each person is created with a God-given purpose and reason for living. What a fantastic foundation – quite rare among medical clinics, let alone ketamine clinics where quality and safety are too often lacking. So to find a ketamine treatment clinic of this caliber is rare.

Focused on a key concept of overcoming darkness

Klarisana is not just a clinic, it’s a concept, an idea. Klarisana is about saving people from darkness and setting them on a path of light and healing. No, this is not a church. But it almost sounds like one. This is a growing group of like-minded providers who deliver IV ketamine to all people to pull them out of deep depression and darkness.

Inspired first to save veterans, now all people

Now across four cities, Klarisana clinics are serving people with severe mental conditions. Klarisana itself was founded in 2015 by Dr. Carl J. Bonnett who became frustrated with the skyrocketing suicide rate among veterans, as well as their rising rates of PTSD, depression, and chronic pain. As an emergency physician, Dr. Bonnett had extensive experience with ketamine in both emergency medicine and in forward-deployed military environments. He learned that a single dose of ketamine, compared with a psychoactive placebo control medication, is associated with rapid reduction in core PTSD symptoms in patients with chronic PTSD. Studies have shown that this benefit frequently is maintained beyond 24 hours and can last beyond 2 weeks from just one or two infusions. Now, Klarisana treats major depression and chronic pain in addition to PTSD.

A top ketamine clinic in Austin

With this exciting treatment, Dr. Bonnett set out to help as many people as possible and was born in an austere one room office on the north side of San Antonio. The Klarisana Austin Center opened in April of 2017 and moved from a small location on the south side of town to a larger and more comfortable location near Mopac and Spicewood Springs. This very special location in the Austin center is in a quiet, peaceful setting which is very conducive to healing. Patients here enjoy a very private and almost sacred environment in which to heal and receive ketamine treatment.

You cannot go wrong with Klarisana

We are big fans of Klarisana and hope to see them thrive in the years ahead. For people in need of depression, PTSD, or chronic pain treatment living near Austin, Texas, be sure to give the good folks at Klarisana a call. You will be in great hands.

Contact them at:
4005 Spicewood Springs Rd., Suite A-200
Austin, Texas 78759