IV Ketamine for Depression at Herro Medical Center

Complimentary initial consultation at IV Ketamine for Depression at Herro Medical Center

Summary: IV Ketamine for Depression at Herro Medical Center is unique in that the no-cost Initial Consultation is with Brian Espinoza, MD, a Psychiatrist that is well experienced in Treatment Resistant Forms of Depression as he has been practicing ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) for over a decade, and, is experienced in prescribing various other more aggressive treatments such as MAOI’s, multiple mood stabilizer combinations, supraphysiologic thyroid augmentation, Clozapine, and Genetic Testing.  Dr. Espinoza will honestly tell you if Ketamine is an appropriate treatment for you, and if not, make recommendations on alternatives.

Another unique feature at Herro Medical Center is that IV Ketamine will be delivered every time by the same Anesthesiologist, Dr. Ellison Herro, whom has been practicing in Phoenix for over 30 years with experiences including Chief of Staff at various local hospitals including Trauma Centers.  He has significant experience in using Ketamine in full, anesthetic doses, in addition to our sub-anesthetic IV Ketamine for Depression Program.  He has worked along side Dr. Espinoza for over a decade performing ECT Anesthesia, thus enhancing the coordination of care for our IV Ketamine patients.

Consultation: A no-cost in person 60 minute Initial Consultation is offered. Family member(s) are encouraged to attend. A Physician Referral is not required.

If Ketamine is indicated, then the patient undergoes a 2 Treatment Trial of Ketamine spaced out within 1 week. The evening after the second treatment a Tele-Consultation is held with Dr. Espinoza to assess effectiveness. These first 2 treatments are $600 each. Any future Maintenance Treatments are $400 per treatment.

Special Features: The main extra is the Complimentary Consultation; over 70% of patients find out that IV Ketamine is not the proper treatment for them, and that their continued struggles were due to misdiagnosis and/or mismanagement. A list of options were given to them which were ultimately helpful. Dr. Espinoza, Dr. Herro, and the Herro Medical Center are not entrepreneurial, and practice with a high level of ethical standards.