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7 Benefits for Pharmacies

1. Home-page Listing – over 180,000 impressions each month – Online search is the primary way patients find ketamine pharmacies.

2. Listing on the national Ketamine Compound Pharmacy map – Doctors and other medical professionals looking come to our website looking for compound pharmacies that offer ketamine. The map can be seen on the home-page and found here.

3. Listing on our Ketamine Compound Pharmacy page – In addition to being listed on the front page and map, your pharmacy will appear on the Ketamine Compound Pharmacy page found here.

4. Enhances SEO – pharmacies gain a precious backlink pointing to its website which improves its Search Engine Optimization. This boosts its performance in Google searches.

5. Builds Patient Confidence – it’s just smart to be listed in as many places as possible on the Internet. When new patients see you listed in multiple places across the Internet, they tend to gravitate to you more. Managers notice this happening after joining us.

6. Earns More Revenue – a directory listing increases business which is a great thing!

7. Improves brand recognition – Ketamine Clinics Directory is emerging as the most sound and trusted site for finding ketamine clinics and pharmacies on the Internet.

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What You Are Purchasing – The Critical Link to Patients

map of ketamine pharmacies
You are purchasing 6 months of pharmacy advertising on our Featured Ketamine Pharmacy Directory and Ketamine Pharmacy Map. Both services appear on the home page for maximum exposure. This is a prime opportunity to increase your Internet viewership and branding for your ketamine pharmacy.

1. Appear on the official Ketamine Pharmacy Map

Your ketamine pharmacy will appear on the Ketamine Pharmacy Map. People looking for ketamine pharmacies and compounding pharmacies have told us for many months that they would like an online map that provides a user-friendly search for pharmacies.

2. Appear on a Highly Trusted Ketamine Pharmacy Directory

Our ketamine pharmacy directory serves a very large audience. The number of visitors to our site grows each month as more people learn about the potential benefits of IV ketamine therapy for psychiatric issues and pain. Ketamine Pharmacy Directory is emerging as the most trusted site for finding ketamine and compound pharmacies on the Internet.

You gain an additional benefit of improved Search Engine Optimization and gain a valuable Backlink to your site. You will also gain more exposure and patients to your pharmacy. The public places the most trust in our website of all ketamine community websites on the Internet.

Q. How quickly will my pharmacy be added?
A. Your pharmacy will be added to the directory and map within 1 week of original purchase.

Q. Can I change the information once its up on the website?
A. Yes! You can change the information at any point. Simply send us the request via our contact page and we will make the edits within 3 business days.

Q. After 6 months, will my subscription renew at the sale price or full price?
A. The sale price! The price you begin with is the price you keep as long as your subscription remains active. Even if prices increase in the future, your account will renew at the price you initially paid. We want happy customers.

Q. Can you create a full page profile of my pharmacy on your website for even greater Internet exposure?
A. At this time, we are not offering blogs. Perhaps in the future we will resume this service.

We at Ketamine Clinics Directory wish you all the best success!