Compounding Pharmacies that offer Ketamine

A growing number of compounding pharmacies offer ketamine in various forms. These pharmacies can make ketamine creams, ointments, capsules, troches, dissolving tablets, nasal sprays, and suppositories. Under expert pharmacists, the compound pharmacies can carefully dose ketamine to the correct milligram strength prescribed by physicians and other medical professionals. Many patients who receive IV ketamine therapy require ongoing treatment with a lower dose form of ketamine. Medical providers may prescribe ketamine creams, capsules, or troches that dissolve in the mouth to offer their patients a milder ketamine effect that helps prevent relapse in depression, OCD, PTSD, or pain symptoms. The nasal spray for of delivery is restricted, and must be administered in a clinic location. Extra safety is required because of the risk of serious adverse outcomes resulting from sedation and dissociation caused by esketamine nasal spray (also known as Spravato) administration, and the potential for abuse and misuse of the drug. It is offered through a restricted distribution system under a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS).

Different Forms of Ketamine

Ketamine can be prepared in various forms by compounding pharmacies. A prescription is required to obtain ketamine in one of these formulations. Dosage forms that can be chewed or dissolve slowly in the mouth are called troches, lozenges, or drops. These are more popular in the pediatric and senior populations for their ease-of-use. Intravenous ketamine preparations are the most rapid-acting delivery system and can exact the most rapid benefit and side effects of ketamine. Nasal sprays offer a reduced dose of ketamine through the nasal passage, with the benefit of an often milder and less rapid onset of side effects as compared to that of IV delivery. Given the reduced dose, this option may not be suitable for patients who require stronger ketamine doses such as to treat severe cancer and CRPS pain.

  • intravenous (IV)
  • nasal spray
  • dissolving tablets
  • creams
  • ointments
  • capsules
  • troches
  • suppositories
  • List of Ketamine Compounding Pharmacies

    The following is a growing list of compound pharmacies that can offer ketamine formulations. We are not making any claims as to the quality of product or service by listing on this website. They are presented by state alphabetically.

    Pacific Compounding Pharmacy in Stockton, California

    Pacific Compounding Pharmacy
    312 Lincoln Center
    Stockton, California 95207
    Call: 209-474-7271

    Website: Click here to visit

    Advanced Scripts Compounding Pharmacy in DeBary, Florida

    compounding pharamcy in DeBary Florida
    Advanced Scripts Compounding Pharmacy
    2836 Enterprise Rd, Suite #5
    Debary, Florida
    Call: 386-845-1200
    Website: Click here to visit

    Reddish Pharmacy in Nampa, Idaho

    Reddish Pharmacy
    215 E Hawaii Ave #100
    Nampa, Idaho 83686
    Call: 208-466-7823

    Website: Click here to visit

    Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy in Rockford, Illinois

    Rock Valley Compounding Pharmacy
    811 S Perryville Rd #109
    Rockford, Illinois 61108
    Call: 779-423-0542

    Website: Click here to visit

    Las Colinas Pharmacy Compounding & Wellness in Irving, Texas

    Las Colinas Pharmacy Compounding
    6420 N MacArthur Blvd Suite #100
    Irving, Texas 75039
    Call: 972-993-9700

    Website: Click here to visit
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