Ketamine Facts

Quick facts about the ketamine industry

  • Ketamine is a $900 Million dollar industry.
  • Ketamine, 2-(2-chlorophenyl)-2-(methylamino)-cyclohexanone is a dissociative anaesthetic that was first synthesized in the United States in 1962.
  • Pharmaceutical companies has spent millions of dollars and many years of research to discovering ketamine substitutes. Companies such as Naurex and Janssen Pharmaceuticals have hundreds of patients in clinical trials and are investing tens of millions of dollars in research on their drug.
  • In August of 1999, the federal government classified Ketamine as a Schedule III Controlled Substance.
  • The World Health Organisation lists ketamine as an essential medicine and is widely used as a general anaesthetic. It is used by physicians and veterinarians. Ketamine drug has the ability to cause unconsciousness, amnesia, and analgesia whilst sparing airway reflexes and maintaining hemodynamic stability. Ketamine is growing in popularity as an off-label treatment for depression, chronic pain, OCD, PTSD, and autism.

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