1. What color is the sky?

A. Blue

This is a good summary.
You will find these clauses in the larger health entities that have greater fears of running afoul of Stark and Anti Kickback. This is why they heavily rely on the national salary surveys to anchor their pay rates or other magical compensation formulas to.

In theory you can hit those higher percentile incomes, but some suit some where will sit down and review your billings to make sure you aren’t an outlier and should be getting paid what you are working/billing for. This is likely to be 75th percentile or even 90th percentile. At times it may not just be one suit but could be a whole committee that even includes other doctors in the health system who will “approve” or deny your pay past that point.

I just hit one of these magical thresholds at a past job by a few dollars but thankfully didn’t trigger the committee… however, had I stayed and continued with certain service lines I likely would have. That was one of many factors leading to my decision to drop the big box shop entities and strike out for independence.

When you are the boss, you are the entity controlling Fair Market Value.

Fair Market Value stuff can get tricky. One poster on here described having a dirt cheap lease of ~$200/month with a health system. Depending on the square footage and going rate in the local area of medical office space, if that is a true financial steal, its possible that difference of market rate and actual lease rate could be considered a kick back as means to garner/induce referrals…

B. Red

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2. What color is the sky?