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Complimentary initial consultation at Vitalitas Denver Ketamine Center

Ketamine for depression price:
$325 / per infusion

Ketamine for pain price:
$1350 / per infusion

Maintenance price:
$325 / per infusion

Summary: Vitalitas Denver Ketamine Center is committed to making ketamine therapy available to as many people as possible, and this is reflected in their pricing which is the lowest in the U.S.: $325 per infusion with no commitment to pay for multiple infusions up front.  While the prices are far below the national average, there is no compromise in the quality and safety of care they provide, as each patient is closely monitored in a comforting, private setting.

Furthermore, Vitalitas stands out for its willingness to prescribe sublingual ketamine, which allows many of their patients, following the initial series of infusions, to maintain the benefits of ketamine without further need for intravenous treatment.  Consequently, Vitalitas Denver draws patients from all over the U.S.

Consultation: All of our consultations are free. We do not require a referral as many referring providers are not familiar with ketamine infusion therapy, and therefore, feel uncomfortable completing a formal referral form.  Instead, we ask for an acknowledgement of ongoing care so that we are assured that our patients have continuity of care from a mental health professional before, during and after ketamine therapy.Treatment: We prescribe to the theory that four infusions over the first two weeks is a great initiation regimen.  Our infusions are $325 each.  Each infusion is given over 40 minutes. 

For the treatment of chronic pain conditions, we provide four-hour infusions.  These are priced at $1350 per infusion.  Our protocol is to perform one four-hour infusion per week for three weeks.  75% of our patients who follow this protocol will have a marked reduction of their pain for 3-4 months at which time they typically follow up for a single, repeat four-hour infusion.
Special Features: We work closely with a group of psychiatrists and therapists in our community familiar with ketamine therapy.  Clients who come to us who’ve fallen outside the system of MHPs are referred to these providers for ongoing psychiatric care and/or psychotherapy.

Why We Like Them: We are impressed with the fact that this clinic uses sublingual ketamine extensively which helps patients maintain depression remission and pain remission. The clinic is also very flexible in their approach in that they customize their treatment to meet people where they are rather than impose a set structure upon them. Good news for patients! This often means creating a treatment plan patients can afford, knowing not everyone can afford a series of infusions. Furthermore, this clinic will perform anywhere from a single infusion up to 7 infusions over 12 weeks prior to starting sublingual ketamine. At times, they even initiate therapy with sublingual ketamine without any infusions. For their international patients, they go the extra mile and make arrangements for affordable accommodations close to the clinic with complimentary shuttle service to and from our clinic. If you happen to be in Colorado and are in need of ketamine treatment, you would do well giving Vitalitas Denver a visit.

Dr. Roman Langston, Anesthesiologist

Special Features:
Willing to prescribe sublingual ketamine; Low cost

2 W. Dry Creek Circle, Littleton, CO 80120