A Top Georgia Ketamine Clinic:  Help Specialist Leads the Way with Concierge Service and Excellence

There’s a remarkable ketamine clinic in the heart of Gerogia, and it’s a group called the Help Specialist. This team is dedicated to eradicating both the depression and stigma that people may face through personalized and excellent ketamine treatment.

A team that excels

Led by board certified anesthesiologist, Dr. Jack Paschal, M.D., the Help Specialist comprises a team of highly experienced and caring physicians, nurses, and friendly staff. Their mission is to do their very best to treat depression, anxiety, pain, and PTSD in a comfortable and welcoming environment that is free of the stigma so often associated with mental health issues. They serve the regions of Athens, Augusta, Atlanta, Lake Oconee, and Gainesville, Georgia.

Another nice benefit of coming to the Help Specialist is their all-inclusive services. A referral from an outside psychiatrist is not necessary. Their team will conduct a pre and post treatment depression assessment and offer counseling. They monitor progress to best ensure that a successful treatment plan is delivered, and that the best therapy is being achieved.

Honest upfront pricing with a discount

We love clinics that offer upfront pricing. The Help Specialist is honest and transparent with their pricing of various treatments, and even offer a discount if you order 4 or 8 ketamine infusions.

Psychiatric Services – $175 per 30 minutes
Non-Psychiatrist Counseling or Therapy – $145 per hour
Ketamine visit, treatment plan and infusion – $550
Ketamine Bundle – 4 infusions – $2,000 ($200 Savings)
Ketamine Bundle – 8 infusions – $3,600 ($800 Savings)

Treating nerve pain conditions

Studies show that ketamine is efficient in alleviating pain in chronic nerve pain conditions up to 12 weeks after the beginning of treatment. Help Specialist is fully equipped to treat chronic nerve pain conditions using ketamine infusions. These treatments last longer with higher doses of ketamine that those seen in depression treatments. They treat the following conditions:

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RDS)
Chronic Back Pain
Chronic Neck Pain
Chronic Joint Pain

Beyond ketamine to treating substance use disorders

Another fantastic aspect of the Help Specialist is their ability to treat substance use disorders that are very frequently seen in depressed patients. The team goes above and beyond to end the stigma associated with substance use disorders, which is a critical piece of their therapeutic success because substance use disorders cooccur with a higher frequency in cases of major depression as studies show. The Help Specialist creates custom opiate detox tapers or maintenance (MAT) programs specific to the patient. They utilize Suboxone®, Zubsolv® and other buprenorphine/naloxone preparations to this end. Not only this, but the team at Help Specialist offer easily-accessible counseling. They even offer a HIPPA compliant, encrypted, tele-mental health portal. Very cutting-edge.

An excellent clinic

We are impressed with the range of services, upfront pricing, and concierge personalized approach that the Help Specialist offers. This is a ketamine clinic that definitely knows what they are doing, and are doing it very well. If you happen to be needing ketamine treatment, or even substance abuse therapy for that matter, in Georgia, then give the good folks at the Help Specialist a call right away.

Contact them at:
Help Specialist
8771 Macon Highway, STE A
Athens, Georgia 30606

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