excellent ketamine therapy in Chicago

A ketamine clinic in Chicago offering a very effective complete approach

Balance Ketamine Clinics offer top notch ketamine treatments that go beyond what most other ketamine clinics offer. At this clinic, we are impressed by their focus on mental health therapy as an adjunct treatment to ketamine infusions. Balance Ketamine Clinics offers something they call Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy whereby a therapist offers psychotherapy with ketamine treatments.

According to Balance Ketamine Clinics, the Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy helps patients process stuck patterns that hold them back for years. “Individuals often experience more ease accessing emotion, allowing them to release pain, fear, and grief and creating space for feelings of relief and peace.”

The idea is that Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy allows patients to connect with an inner part of themselves that was inaccessible for long periods of time. This therapy encourages patients to feel more joy, connection, and calm. For many, this is their chance to discover a new passion for living. We admire their efforts in offering mental health support.

A social mission

Balance Ketamine Clinics is the first clinic to offer ketamine infusions with a social mission. They offer the lowest cost of ketamine treatment as compared to other clinics in the country.  Balance Ketamine also offers infusions based on a sliding scale fee schedule on a need-based criterion, which is wonderful for all patients. They believe good healthcare should be accessible to all those who need it. And we agree!

Stellar leadership

Balance Ketamine Clinics is led by Abhijit Shinde, MD, PhD, and Shoeb Mohiuddin, MD. As its medical director, Dr. Shinde has a special interest in patients with treatment-resistant depression and anxiety. He believes in an integrated approach. He views depression and anxiety as the symptoms, and he wants to get to the root cause. He has a very respectful approach to every patient and believes each individual is different and unique.

Dr. Mohiuddin specializes in both interventional pain management and anesthesiology. Dr. Mohiuddin brings his experience with assisting local hospitals with ketamine infusion protocols for inpatients. He encourages a multidisciplinary approach to pain to improve the lifestyle and function of his patients. His approach embraces interventional procedures, infusions, medications, psychological therapies, and physical therapy.

Treating a wide range of conditions beyond depression

The team at Balance Ketamine Clinics offers effective ketamine treatment for mental health and pain conditions:

– depression
– anxiety
– migraine
– fibromyalgia
– chronic pain
– various other conditions

They have an anesthesiologist on the team who offers expertise in treating pain disorders.

Excellent care in Chicago

Balance Ketamine Clinics also offers the advantage of working with the patient to utilize insurance. The initial evaluation visit is billed to the patient’s insurance, and the patient is only responsible for the co-pay, co-insurance and deductible. For those without insurance, they offer an income-based pricing plan.

Anyone who is looking for ketamine infusions that is very effective in a clinic that cares about the mental well-being of each patient can look no further. Balance Ketamine Clinics offers psychotherapy, insurance-friendly payments, and excellent leadership in Chicago. You would do well giving them a call for ketamine infusion therapy.

Contact them at:
Balance Ketamine Clinics
1601 West Division Street,
Chicago, IL 60622