A Leading Clinic for Regenerative Medicine near Louisville: Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine

Leading the regenerative medicine field in Jeffersonville

We are pleased to spotlight a medical clinic that goes above and beyond ketamine infusions. Introducing the Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine clinic located in the heart of Jeffersonville right across from Lousiville.

More than just a ketamine clinic

The doctors at Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine have expertise in a broad array of treatment modalities to handle orthopedic injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, and various other issues. They bring together more conventional medicine with alternative medicine to offer options best suited for each patient. They boast a combined 70 years of experience among them. They offer ketamine treatments, but much more than this.

An impressive list of services offered

Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine covers an impressive array of issues with an equally impressive background of treatments. They offer stem cell therapy, prolotherapy, and PRP injections. They delve into hormone replacement therapy for men and women. They of course offer ketamine infusions, and can treat depression, migraines, CRPS, PTSD and bipolar depression with this modality. Chelation therapy is also offered, as well as IV vitamin therapy. They even delve into addiction therapy and medical weight loss.

Ketamine for opioid detox

One of the unique aspects of what Dr. Cruz offers is IV ketamine for rapid detox from opiates in conjunction with IV naltrexone. For patients wanting rapid detoxification from narcotics like oxycodone, suboxone, and heroin, Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine offers monitored ketamine IV anesthesia sedation with IV naltrexone. The process is called Anesthesia Assisted Rapid Opiate Detoxification (AAROD). Dr. Cruz describes this process as reaching a mild sleep during the withdrawal effects over a 2 to 4 hour timespan while the naltrexone displaces all of the opiates from the body. There is not deep anesthesia, no intubation. The level of sedation is similar to that of a colonoscopy. This is a more specialized use of IV ketamine, and one that is not traditionally seen in ketamine clinics.

Leading the way to better health, Dr. Cruz

The pioneer behind Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine is Dr. Rafael Cruz, a nationally recognized leader in Integrative Medicine. Dr. Cruz believes in a balanced, holistic approach to medicine combined with more conventional medicine to give what each patient truly needs. He is one of the founding members of the American Academy of Ozone Therapy. He is a board certified emergency medicine physician. He also received training in anesthesia and more mainstream pain management procedures at the University of Louisville. He believes that one of the most promising areas for the treatment of chronic pain is regenerative medicine, including ketamine infusions.

The field of regenerative medicine encompasses numerous strategies, including the use of materials and de novo generated cells, as well as various combinations thereof, to take the place of missing tissue, effectively replacing it both structurally and functionally, or to contribute to tissue healing. The body’s innate healing response may also be leveraged to promote regeneration, and Dr. Cruz utilizes this innate healing response to help patient make faster recoveries.


Kentuckiana Integrative Medicine can be reached at the following numbers and address:

Phone: (812) 913-4416
Fax: (812) 213-8409
Alternative #: 502-779-1575

443 Spring St., Ste. 301 3rd Floor
Chase Bank Building
Jeffersonville, Indiana 47130