Resetn Ketamine Clinic

PALM SPRINGS, Calif., June 8, 2018 /KetamineClinicsDirectory/ — One in every six U.S. adults lives with a mental illness. And one in every four Americans suffers from chronic pain. Now, some residents of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley who suffer from chronic pain, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or treatment-resistant depression may find relief at Reset Ketamine. Reset Ketamine uses low-dose ketamine infusions with continuous vital signs monitoring by a medical professional to relieve symptoms.

Dr. Samuel Ko, the founder of Reset Ketamine, uses this medicine frequently in the ER for procedural sedation. He found some of his patients would experience vivid dreams then wake up feeling better. “I came across a research study showing ketamine’s potential as a rapid treatment for depression,” says Dr. Ko. After digging deeper into the scientific evidence behind this medicine and its effects on a variety of mood and pain disorders, he decided to open a clinic specializing in ketamine infusions.

Ketamine is a drug first synthesized in 1962 and traditionally used in hospitals for anesthesia. However, researchers report ketamine as, “the most important discovery in half a century,” for depression. Ketamine can work within hours in relieving symptoms, unlike traditional antidepressants, which can take 4-6 weeks before any improvement. One patient reports, “I had my first complete pain and symptom-free week this last week leading up to my infusion today. It has not only healed my physical pain but the associated mental and emotional pain that comes with it as well.”

At this time, ketamine infusions are not covered by insurance as it is not FDA approved to treat pain and mood disorders. Ketamine is being used “off-label”, a common practice where doctors use medications FDA approved for one disease but for a different disease. Dr. Ko says, “I hope one day that insurance companies will realize that ketamine infusions are both cost-effective and potentially transformative for patients.”