Klarity Wellness offers top-notch IV infusion therapy

A top ketamine infusion clinic in Fairfield, California

Klarity Wellness is a welcoming, cutting-edge clinic that that excels at infusion therapies. They use combinations of advanced IV therapies to create specialized treatments for mental health and pain disorders. Ketamine, NAD+ and Nutrient Rx infusions are their strength.

A strong track record

Klarity Wellness reports that around 85% five percent of their patients presenting with anxiety, depression, chronic pain and PTSD report improvements in their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing within the first 3 to 6 treatments. They do not guarantee cures, but they really strive to achieve results by creating custom infusion therapies for each patient.

An experienced team who believes in coordination of care

The doctors at Klarity Wellness are highly trained, board-certified anesthesiologists with decades of experience performing complex surgeries.  They are experts at IV infusion therapies, and take a holistic approach. They also believe in coordinating with primary doctors. The team at Klarity values the professional input and guidance of doctors who care for the patients, and work closely with primary care physicians, psychiatrists, neurologists, pain specialists, surgeons, counselors, and others, to ensure continuity of care.

Advanced and user-friendly online experience

Klarity Wellness offers one of the more impressive online experiences for a ketamine clinic. New visitors will find education, online forms, and a clear picture of what to expect. The website is very user-friendly and cutting edge as it allows visitors to fill out new patient intake information, submit insurance information, and request new information. The site also explains the process of getting an infusion, including what to expect before and after the infusion. They discuss some of the science behind IV infusions and pharmacology. They also offer an online patient referral portal for doctors. Most other clinics that we have seen do not offer this much helpful information on their websites. This clinic is indeed forward-thinking. They even offer a COVID-19 screening questionnaire on their website.

What they treat

Klarity Wellness offers infusions of ketamine, NAD+ and Nutrient Rx to help address a mainstream array of conditions, including:

– Mood disorders
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Chronic Pain
– Drug & Alcohol Withdrawals

Advanced IV treatments with a passionate team

The team at Klarity Wellness are very experienced at IV infusion therapies, and are passionate about what they do. They give patients personalized treatments, an advanced easy-to-use website, with plenty of education about IV infusions and the actual experience. They bring together ketamine, NAD+ and Nutrient Rx that allow around 85% of patients to have a positive response. For those suffering from mental health issues and chronic pain who live right outside of San Francisco, you have to check them out.

Contact them at:
1535 Webster Street Suite A,
Fairfield, CA, 94533,
United States
(707) 803-4066