ketamine clinic in kirtland ohio

Leading the way with IV ketamine in Ohio

Mind and Body Infusion Therapies offers one of the most holistic and caring approaches to ketamine therapy in Ohio. They believe that each patient should be treated like family, and their staff is very caring and experienced in treating the body and mind. We like how much emphasis they place on being sensitive to the mental health of each patient.

Their team is very well-rounded. On staff they comprise a physician, certified registered nurse anesthetist, acute care nurse practitioner, and nurses all working together to provide excellent care. It is rare to find a ketamine clinic that offers such a diverse team.

Special services in addition to ketamine

Mind and Body Infusion Therapies goes beyond most other ketamine clinics in that they offer cancer consultation and nutrition services as well.

Their cancer service is very much in demand. They provide supportive symptom treatments while patients are undergoing chemotherapy. Their oncology nurse practitioner is available for consultation to discuss symptoms and current treatment options for those battling cancer.

Their intravenous nutrition services are a combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids to aid the body and mind. They believe that IV nutrition powerfully ignites the healing process at the cellular level. Their nutrition combinations aim to provide basic nutrients to patients, and are typically completed over 30 to 60 minutes. This is a non-sedating treatment that can go hand-in-hand with IV ketamine treatments. We like how careful this clinic is as well. They do offer consultation services with their nurse practitioner for certain chronic conditions that require a more in-depth evaluation and possible blood work in order to achieve the safest and best results.

On the forefront of collaboration

Another excellent aspect of Mind and Body Infusion Therapies is coordination of care. This team goes out of their way to collaborate with the patient’s own doctor to collaborate with primary care physicians, specialists, and psychiatrists to optimize treatment and ensure continuity of care. They place great emphasis on safety and communication, and they understand the importance of multi-specialty collaboration.

Like any responsible ketamine clinic they do not prescribe narcotics, and make it known on their website. This is simply good practice as we fight the opioid epidemic.

Treating a wide range of mental health and pain conditions

The team at Mind and Body Infusion Therapies offers effective ketamine treatment for the following conditions:

– Dysthymia/Cyclothymia
– Chronic depression
– Bipolar
– Suicidal ideation
– Adolescent depression
– Postpartum depression
– General anxiety
– Panic anxiety
– Social phobias
– Phantom limb pain,
– Regional pain syndrome
– Neuropathies
– Fibromyalgia
– Crohn’s disease pain
– Lichen Sclerosis (LS)
– Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
– Post treatment late stage Lyme disease
– Inclusion body Myositis (IBM) like muscular dystrophy

Top-notch care in Ohio

For patients facing debilitating mental health issues and bodily problems, Mind and Body Infusion Therapies offers a very experienced team who truly know what they are doing when it comes to treating the entire person. Furthermore, they offer cancer and nutrition consultation services which is very rare in ketamine clinics. They have the experience, collaboration, and passion for betterment. If you’re in the Ohio area, you must give them a call.

Contact them at:
Mind and Body Infusion Therapies
9262 Chillicothe Rd., Unit 2
Kirtland, OH 44094