ketamine in north New Jersey

A leader in ketamine treatments in New Jersey

North Jersey Interventional Pain and Ketamine Center is led by Dr. Sam Caruthers, a board-certified Anesthesiologist and Interventional Pain Medicine doctor. He offers the most advanced treatments for complex pain disorders using a variety of technologies including IV ketamine.

Watching out for the safety of his patients is or utmost importance. Dr. Caruthers has experience with ketamine during his 15 years of practice and is ACLS certified. What really stands out is his promise to stay with the patient during the entire infusion, which is hard to find at other clinics.

Key benefits with Dr. Caruthers

North Jersey Interventional Pain and Ketamine Center also offers the advantage of free MRI reviews. Patients can bring their most recent MRI to their appointment to receive a free review from Dr. Caruthers. He also offers second opinions to help patients achieve pain free living. In addition, he does accept Workers Comp cases as well.

Top level experience at a growing ketamine clinic

North Jersey Interventional Pain and Ketamine Center has four locations across New Jersey. This is a growing practice that offers excellent care to all of its patients. We do like the usability of the website where patients can give authorization to release records, to release insurance policy declarations, and to download new patient forms. It’s all very user-friendly and well thought out.

Beyond depression into effective pain treatments

Dr. Caruthers uses IV ketamine to treat a broad spectrum of disorders, and is one of only a few centers in New Jersey that specialize in intravenous ketamine for treatment of pain disorders. He treats mood disorders, anxiety, PTSD, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), chronic headaches, migraine, and fibromyalgia. He also goes beyond many other ketamine clinics to treat nerve pain due to cancer, chemotherapy, diabetic neuropathy, facial nerve problems, multiple sclerosis, nerve injury, shingles, and pain due to prior spine surgery.

The team at North Jersey Interventional Pain and Ketamine Center offers effective ketamine treatment for the following disorders:

– mood disorders
– anxiety
– Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
– chronic headaches
– migraine
– fibromyalgia
– cancer pain
– chemotherapy pain
– diabetic neuropathy
– facial nerve pain
– multiple sclerosis pain
– nerve injury pain
– shingles pain

For patients needing high-level expert pain treatment, look no further. North Jersey Interventional Pain and Ketamine Center has a multitude of technologies, including IV ketamine, to treat numerous pain conditions with real expertise. You are in very experienced hands with Dr. Caruthers who abides by the safest and most effective ketamine treatments to cover your mood and pain conditions.

Contact them at:
North Jersey Interventional Pain and Ketamine Center
408 Main Street #101D
Boonton, NJ